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Mace Thermometer

Written on: 12/15/14

Just wanted to send you a photo of my guy busy at the at the grill tonight. He could not be happier with his new remote thermometer :-) thank you so much for all your help and amazing customer service!

Jessica Mace





Written on: 04/10/15

My CSR was very knowledgeable of the process, product and made ordering really smooth. I give her and A+ Thanks for making my experience a pleasant one.



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Written on: 04/10/15

I found everything I needed in one place. I was very impressed with the quick shipment. There was one item (outdoor refrigerator) that they did not have in stock, but they kept me posted on when they would receive in their warehouse. They notified me of a delay in their shipment and offered a full refund or exchange. They promptly exchanged the item to a very comparable one and are currently shipping. I'm very happy with the customer service and prompt shipment. Thanks!

Miguel M.


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Written on: 04/9/15

Quick and uncomplicated. Fast delivery, courteous sales and service.

T. Polis


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Written on: 03/19/15

I was very pleased with the service provided me by Paige. I wish to compliment her for the timeliness and all the aspects of her help. I will continue to do business Shoppers Choice at any opportunity. To Paige, thank you very much.

Franklin Nelson


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Written on: 03/18/15

My rep was amazing help to design my outdoor kitchen. Not only did he offer excellent customer service and advice his pricing could not be beat!!

T. Morris


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Written on: 03/18/15

What a great experience to be able to just call and get some solid advice along with great pricing for my built in, the entire transaction took less than 10 minutes! Thanks Logan for making it easy to purchase my Blaze BBQ, along with the other components!



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Written on: 03/17/15

I was completely impressed with the customer service provided by ShoppersChoice.com. I ordered an item that was backordered for several months, but I received regular, unsolicited updates...with complete information and transparency. I would DEFINITELY shop there again!



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Written on: 03/16/15

This was the best retail business I have ever did with online business, I will return. Service department was unmatch by any online service. This is the way business chould be don't. AAAAA+



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Written on: 02/25/15

I must say I was impressed with both ease of opearating your internet presentation, and the fine staff on the job to help clearify details, especially on unknown brands such as the Verona 36 stove I acquired from you. You can not beat courteesy and knowledge. We intend as developers to be using you to the maximum.



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Written on: 02/20/15

Wow that was easy! I had a few questions and they were able to help me answer them quickly and intelligently. When I told them I needed delayed shipping, answer "No problem."

P. Mada


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Written on: 02/19/15

Really great service. Held merchandise for new construction to make delivery convenient for the builder. Then when I had a problem with the grill six months later, the request for assistance was handled immediately and the problem was solved, with a replacement part arriving a few days following the initial call. I would definitely purchase through ShoppersChoice again.



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Written on: 02/10/15

BBQGuys have always been a great resource for top of the line outdoor kitchen/living components. In my experience their sales/customer service staff do their very best to make sure all orders are available to be shipped within 24 hours and any available cost saving options due to package deals or sale items are added to my account. BBQGuys have helped me grow my business by giving me the opportunity to have an online store for my customers and I to shop and read reviews on a variety of products and brands.



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Written on: 01/27/15

Site had a problem on my computer because of the search engine I use, but these guys can fix anything. They are prompt.. caring and really give a damn if you are happy. Tnanks shopperschoice.com you guys really know how to take care of your customers!!!

Patrick C.


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Written on: 01/27/15

I thoroughly enjoyed working with Paige on selecting pool furniture for our Colorado Condominium Home Owner's Association. Paige was incredibly responsive and I appreciated her follow-up. We look forward to working with her again in the near future when we make arrangements to update our outdoor living area.



See this review on ResellerRatings.com

Written on: 01/23/15

First I would like to say is, that their prices are one of the best around, secondly their shipping is super fast and the third and most important is , their customer service is the best if you have a problem there on it until its resolved. shoppersChoice.com stands behind what they sell.



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Written on: 01/13/15

Super GREAT experience! I ordered a huge 430 lbs grill which arrived here within 4 business days and everything was in perfect shape. Did i mention freight was FREE? Couldn't be happier with their customer service too - there was a delay for one of my items and they kept in touch with me throughout the whole time, but also gave me the option to "change my mind" on the item, which i didn't do... Will most definitely recommend this business as I have to tell you, they really, really are serious about what they do over there!!!

I. Hershey


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Written on: 01/11/15

Excellent service all the way around. The best price, fast service, and very helpful.

Jon L.


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Written on: 01/10/15

I had an awesome experience with BBQguys! They were extremely helpful and I feel they got me the best price for our outdoor kitchen!

Lauren L.


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Written on: 01/08/15

After waiting 4 weeks for my gas company to deliver a log set, I called GasLogGuys and not only had a better price, but they went out of their way to get it shipped on a Friday and I received it on Monday. Just in time for the Arctic Blast. Thanks so much.

Diane J.


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Written on: 12/19/14

The Bull Outdoor grill you recommended arrived without incident and it is EXCEPTIONAL. I can not say enough about the very positive experience I had with you and your customer service team. Keep up the great work!

H. Parker


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Written on: 12/18/14

This was the best experience for online purchasing -fantastic customer service! I just purchased a DCS range and dishwasher, every question I had about the product Erin was able to answer. I had to call back and cancel a portion of the order and had no issues with that either - Erin was able to get that done for me and my account was credited with in 24 hrs. I would highly recommend shopperschoice. Great products and pricing, and fantastic customer service. I'll definitely be using them again!

Cathy S.


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Written on: 12/12/14

I can't say enough great things about my experience with Shoppers Choice. I got just want I wanted and appreciate the quality of the service. Needless to say I will be back again and again for some of the best deals online.

Rosemary D.


Written on: 12/14/14

The customer service of BBQGuys.com / ShoppersChoice.com is truly remarkable. In my experience, the test of customer service is when something does not turn out as expected from a purchase (as can happen from any vendor). Upon reporting a problem with a large purchase from BBQguys.com, I received an email reply that same day to propose a solution. Without prompting, I have received email updates about the fulfillment of that solution. Professional communication is critical to customer service.
BBQguys.com follows through.

W. East


Written on: 12/4/14

BBQGuys has been absolutely outstanding from first contact point. Logan answered all my questions and helped me to narrow down my choices of grills to consider, on an initial phone call, and then I was called back the next day, as promised, with updated information that he had gone to research during regular business hours for me. He even made notes about our conversations, including pricing offers, so that even if I did not get Logan when i called in to place my order, anyone would be able to pick up the conversation we had been having. Couldn't be happier with the way I have been treated as a customer.

Andy M.


Written on: 11/26/14

Thank you so much for sending those parts overnight to me...they were here last night when I got home! I am very happy that I can take the grill with us to the beach. You just made that trip more fun. Now I will go out of my way to tell others to buy from your company and why. And I will also buy again. Thanks again Kimberly and ShoppersChoice.

Wade S.


Written on: 11/24/14

Wow. Thank you. I was quite frustrated, but you guys handled this issue extremely professionally. I will leave you guys a very good review because your customer service is phenomenal. Thank you.

Justin P


Written on: 11/22/14

You are correct GREAT SERVICE! A pleasure doing business with U & a great company ! Thank you very much The knobs make the grill look new again !

Kathryn W


Written on: 11/20/14

Hi Kimberly! Thank you so much for sending those parts overnight to me! They were here last night when I got home. These were very well packed this time! Literally a box inside a box, with packing material around everything. It all looks great. I am very happy that I can take the grill with us to the beach. As I said earlier, we are having a week long vacation with the whole extended family over Thanksgiving - which is a primary reason I bought the grill in the first place. You just made that trip more fun. I would copy your boss on this reply Kimberly, if I knew who that person was - please forward this on to them. Let me just say again that I really appreciate the excellent customer service here. I know something like a broken grill part does not seem like an emergency, and it isn't, but a lot of companies these days do not seem to try very hard to make things right for their customers when there is an issue - especially a small issue. What I mean is that it would have been "acceptable" for you to simply replace the broken parts for me in a normal way, which would not have shipped and arrived to me in time to take the grill on the trip. Doing that would have been acceptable. If that had happened, I would have been a little mad at myself for ordering the grill online from your company, when I didn't really have any experience with your company, and I probably wouldn't buy anything from your company again. And I would have mentioned this situation to friends and family, if it came up, but I wouldn't have said anything special about ShoppersChoice, except that their shipping was a little suspect. Instead, you went above and beyond "acceptable" and made the effort to fix my little problem, specific to me. You took my phone call, responded to my emails, called me back, understood my specific situation and made it right for me, on my terms. I won't forget that. Now I will go out of my way to tell others to buy from your company and why. And I will also buy again. Thanks again Kimberly and ShoppersChoice.

Wade S


Written on: 11/06/14

Kate, Thank you wet much for your help with this!



Written on: 11/05/14

Thanks Brandon - that is the plan. I have found the BBQ Guys web site and reviews to be invaluable. Thanks much for being the best and most informative on the web



Written on: 11/03/14

Rochelle, thanks so much for your quick reply....I really appreciate your help. I would never have thought about a "skin." That will be a great option for me. sincerely,

Linda B


Written on: 10/23/14

I am very pleased with our experience with ShoppersChoice. We are a design-build contractor that has ordered many items in the past, but with our latest order, we had an issue with the lighting inside of one of the grill units we installed. Once we notified them, they sent out a replacement without any hesitation. This level of service is not a given in this day and age, and we will continue to order all of our future items through their site.



Written on: 10/23/14

I was surprised and very happy to have a human being actually answer the phone in this ever increasingly automated world . Additionally the human that I had the pleasure of speaking with was upbeat , knowledgeable , extremely helpful and professional . Her name is Paige and she made what I thought was going to be a pain in the neck into a pleasure ! ( I ordered the wrong gas application for my fireplace by mistake ) I wish more businesses were run this well and particularly with this degree of personal service ... Well Done!

TW Schafer


Written on: 10/23/14

Shoppers Choice/BBQ Guys has been an exceptional company to work with. Their product knowldge, support and after the sale service is top notch. One of the best customer service companies I have dealt with. I ordered a lot of BBQ equipment and materials from them. As would be expected with a large order I had a few minor issue that were not the fault of BBQ Guys. They took care of my issues promptly and they were super friendly.

B. Anderson


Written on: 10/21/14

BBQ Guys.com has extremely beneficial reviews and information on the website. I particularly appreciate the video reviews that Chef Tony provides. With as many different brands and models in all price ranges...I cannot believe there is a better place to compare items. This is truly a "One stop shop" for BBQ grills etc. I also appreciate the extremely knowledgeable and friendly staff that take phone orders. I'd like to personally thank Kimberly G. for assisting me with my order. It is refreshing to place an order where the staff knows the products and is more than happy to assist in the ordering process. We cannot wait to try out our new Lion grill !

Chip and Cathy


Written on: 10/20/14

WOW! What a great experience. I dealt with Paige at BBQGuys.com regarding my FIRST outdoor kitchen. Having NEVER built something like this, I had a ton of questions. Paige was incredibly well educated on all of the different brands and their best applications. She did not try and sell me on the most expensive items. I wanted a certain stainless steel grill and she gave me three to choose from and the advantages and disadvantages of each. This was such an education in BBQ's and its' complementary items. My intentions were to spend approximately $7,000 and I spent double. Not because of the up-sell, but due to their extensive selection. I didn't have to go to any other sites to get everything I needed. BBQGuys.com is the best website for anyone trying to build a complete outdoor kitchen, grill, side burner, pizza oven, refrig, ice maker, sink, drawers, doors, trash resep., in-counter cooler and bar stools. They have it ALL and they are VERY educated!



Written on: 09/24/14

Hi Ethan, The installer just left, and I called and left a message for you with Shane that the set is in and appears to be fine. Since everything is now in and apparently working properly, there is no need for you to mail a replacement, send a pick-up tag, or pay for the install. The installation tech was here for five and a half hours but, despite hearing me DEMAND that your company pay for the install, he only charged me for an hour of labor! (He had also heard me say my husband is dying and that last January he wanted to have a fire in the fireplace just one more time. Since he has COPD a wood fire was out of the question, so I began the incredible ordeal of trying to get a gas log set for our home. I'll spare you the gruesome details of that but nine months later, this tech is here for the first time doing what I had been told by others was not doable. Then he hears me losing it in the conversation with you. Then he hears me call Peterson and get the info on their burner and how to install it properly. And I think all in all, TODAY, I finally came across people who were willing to be kind and help...and did. He and you and the others were wonderful, the logs are in, my husband will have a fire this winter, and this nine month ordeal can be brought to a successful close. Thank you for your part in that, especially since I know how purposefully rude I was to you. You caught the brunt of nine months of frustration that you had no part in creating. And you handled it admirably. Please feel free to print and distribute this e-mail to use as an unsolicited recommendation on a job well done. ***Mary***


Written on: 09/21/14

Hi Heather and Kimberly, Just wanted to thank both of you for your help with this order. You went above and beyond to get me the knives on time and I appreciated your consistent communication while the issues were being resolved. Because of your efforts I won't hesitate to order from shopperschoice.com again in the future. Thanks again! ***Andrew***


Written on: 09/18/14

Superb store! Excellent customer service! Thank you. ***Glenn M***


Written on: 09/17/14

Thank you again for the update - I must say that you have the best customer service around. I have never had this many updates from any company before. If I ever need anything that you offer again I will check you out first. ***Shelley S***


Written on: 09/17/14

Dear Lauren, Logan, Brian and Evan, Thank you all so much for your great service in helping me replace my DCS/Fisher Paykel microwave convection oven. It was a long and difficult process for us because we first ordered the wrong model but you were all so kind and helpful in assuring us that we could return it without any problems, and we were so pleased that we did not have to pay the entire shipping amount. You kept in touch and reassured us as we located the correct model and ordered it. Fortunately, this time it was the right one and we now have it installed and functioning well in our kitchen. Again, many thanks for your excellent customer service! I didn’t know such good service existed any longer, and I already have mentioned your company to my friends, advising them to buy from you whenever they need something you sell. Best regards, ***Revalee S***


Written on: 09/14/14

Dynechia, I received the replacement table leg this am, and installed it this afternoon. The tables are great, as is your customer service. I want to thank you for facilitating my receiving the tables, and subsequently the replacement leg. I wish this was the norm in retail. Thanks again, not just to your company, but to you personally. ***Bill T***


Written on: 09/12/14

Brandi, I do appreciate your help also. My contact with Kamado Joe was just a packaging suggestion but they took the ball and ran with it. Your service has been excellent. Enjoy your weekend also! ***Jon B***


Written on: 09/12/14

Best news ever! Thank you for caring so much. ***Erik G***


Written on: 09/11/14

Megan: Thanks for your very active follow-up! I did order the large Meco grille and received it today. I sincerely hope you get "credit". Sincerely, ***Russ M***


Written on: 09/04/14

Hello there I am delighted with the kamado joe Big Joe that you sent to me earlier this year. Thank you also for the excellent service. In fact, I am so delighted that I am considering buying the KJ Junior. Could you please let me know if your stock a cover for the junior as I can't see one on the site (and fall is here). Also, and if you do have a cover, please could you quote me a price for the Joe Junior with cover and delivery to CA 94024. With many thanks, ***Alistair M***


Written on: 09/03/14

Thank you so much. This is beyond what I expected, and appreciate the great service ***Jason H***


Written on: 08/31/14

Attention Jesica, After talking to you I received a replacement pressure regulator within 24 hours. Thank you so much for your courtesy, customer service and attention to detail. I was very impressed. The regulator you recomended worked well at my catering event. Thanks again Jesica. ***John***


Written on: 08/29/14

I just filled out the survey for you. Great customer service department--I cannot believe how fast you folks were on my issue, and how quickily resolved. Thanks again and have a good weekend ***Tom P***


Written on: 08/28/14

Hello Katie, Thank you very much. I really appreciate your decision to go the extra mile in resolving this issue. The exceptional service I have received has earned ShoppersCoice.com a customer for life! Thanks again, ***Grady***


Written on: 08/27/14

Hi Jeannelle, still waiting on funding... not sure when. Thanks for following up... you guys rock.. I point my customers to you all everytime I do a kitchen. Sometimes they just order on their own. ***Bryan F***


Written on: 08/26/14

I am writing to compliment you on one of your employees - Brandon B. Brandon responded to a couple of my online questions, and he did a wonderful job. So many online or phone customer service or sales people only do the minimum required to answer a customer. Sometimes, they don't even do that! Brandon, on the other hand, went out of his way to research the answer to my question, and although we haven't come up with a solution to my issue yet, he has offered to assist in any way he can. What an absolute pleasure to work with someone who genuinely understands customer service and who obviously takes pride in doing a good job. He is doing a great job. It seems that customer only write to a company when something goes wrong, so I wanted to break that pattern and write to you because something is good! Brandon rocks! Thanks, ***Anthony G***


Written on: 08/23/14

Thank you, Elizabeth, for the updates. I appreciate the personal attention you've given my order. ***Linda M***


Written on: 08/22/14

Thank you for the quick response on this! Much appreciated. ***Tom P***


Written on: 08/22/14

Thank you, Elizabeth, for your Amazing Service! ***Diana***


Written on: 08/22/14

Good morning, Thanks so much for the update! I was reluctant to order since it was going to take so long but I just couldn't pass up the great price on this item. I've never ordered from Shoppers Choice before but I'm very pleased with the communication efforts on behalf of your company. I appreciate the shipment information and wish you a blessed weekend! Take care, ***Elizabeth***


Written on: 08/22/14

Thank you! I would like to thank you for excellent customer service, it is very much appreciated. Kind Regards, ***Blake***


Written on: 08/20/14

Hello Elizabeth, Thanks again for the detailed follow-up on this. I can understand the shortages as I believe Kamado Joe is having a really big year from all I have been reading on-line which I congratulate them on...they really do have an outstanding product and it looks like they are willing to work with you guys to help keep customers happy. Hopefully customers (particularly those who like Apple products) have grown more accustomed to expect delays when a quality product comes out. Hopefully we will have good news on this shortly, and I do appreciate the email on this...it continues to speak highly of your customer service! Best Regards, ***Travis***


Written on: 08/20/14

Wow thank you for contacting me. That is great news. It is a surprise for my husbands birthday 9/1 so hopefully sooner than later!! Thanks again for the great customer service!! ***Rebecca N***


Written on: 08/20/14

Truly appreciate your help! You have been amazing. The greatest compliment you can give is to refer a friend, family member or business associate to our agency. We appreciate your kindness! ***Bryan L***


Written on: 08/19/14

Got it up and running last night--wow Thanks again and I will think of you with a beer and burger going tonight. Will contact you guys in future if any needs and gave out your name to couple buddies already Thanks again ***BEB***


Written on: 08/18/14

Erika, I just wanted you to know that Jesica Pennington is doing an outstanding job for you. I initially place a couple of orders (Just shy of $15,000) back on June 26th. I am remodeling my outdoor kitchen and I told my first BBQ Guys customer service representative (Don't recall name) that I was in no rush for the equipment and that I would like it collected and shipped as one order the end of July. But, somehow my wishes were not met as I started getting messages about a number of deliveries instead of one. (I have a gated property and must be home to receive the shipment). I asked the carrier if they could hold the equipment on their dock in Dallas, but they said they would have to charge me storage. I was not happy about that. I realize some products come from outside vendors and that is OK, but the stuff you have in your warehouse could easily be grouped.someone dropped the ball. I spoke to Jessica and explained that I was very unhappy with BBQ guys handling of the situation. She asked that I let her resolve the problem. Within a couple of hours she called me back and she had made arrangements to consolidate the order. She saved the day and my faith in BBQ Guys was restored...I just placed another order for $2,000 today. Having run a number of very large companies in my career..(last company I sold 2 years ago, I had 1,140 employees), I always appreciated hearing about my employees who provided a customer experience that exceeds the customer's expectations. In my case, Jesica did just that. She deserves a "well done" from management. Regards, ***Bob***


Written on: 08/13/14

This is resolved! Thank you +BBQGuys.com , once the mistake was finally identified, it was corrected very quickly. I will be a repeat customer for more +Kamado Joe accessories in the near future :) ***Nicholas K.***


Written on: 08/12/14

You guys are great--will rec to anyone needing grilling or outdoor stuff. Thanks ***Bruce B.***


Written on: 08/11/14

Thanks Brandi really appreciate the great customer service, so much so that I just placed another order with you guys - no keys needed for this one. Thanks again ***Rob F.***


Written on: 08/11/14

Dear BBQ guys/shoppers choice. I just received my Lion 40" grill. I have got to tell you that the whole online shopping experience was excellent. Also, the local delivery service R&L Carriers went beyond the call of duty to make it easy for me to receive the 200lb grill. The driver was GREAT and their service overall was excellent. My order number was -----; The grill came to me in perfect condition and looks fabulous. Nice job BBQ guys. ***MIchael G***


Written on: 08/09/14

Just a reply about my order for my Vernon Grill Cover that I ordered through your company. I received it by FedEx today. I have already covered my grill with the new cover and it fits perfect. My Vernon Casting Grill is about 12 years old and I haven't had any problems with it. My cover, however, did it's job protecting the grill when not in use. The cover was completely bleached out by the sun and had tears starting in it. I am so happy I could find a replacement cover and also know where to go if I need replacement parts. Thanks for the promptness in shipping my order. I'm one happy customer. ***Jewell Y***


Written on: 08/08/14

Thank you Kimberly Yes hood arrived and all is great Thank you so very much for all your help ***Bridget***


Written on: 08/07/14

Hi Elizabeth, Thank you so much for assisting and checking on my order. Everyone else I spoke to had dropped the ball on this and I appreciate you taking the time to resolve this issue. Thank you again and yes, I did receive the package today as promised! ***Delicia A***


Written on: 08/07/14

You all have such GREAT customer service. Thank you. ***Kanetha P***


Written on: 08/06/14

OK Erin. You did your best. Tell them I will buy different products going forward. The price point is good for these lights, but the reliability factor not as good as I need. 20 Acre estate is much to keep up with, so we sometimes go backwards to go forwards. Your company has been excellent. Thanks and I hope I end up buying something down the road that you manage. ***RD***


Written on: 08/03/14

Oh Katie thank you! You have been so amazing handling this. We had thought "well surely it will be okay since damage will be hidden = until we opened the inside and turned it on. #1 Scary the damage to inside compartment #2 It won't hold the set temperature!!! We plugged it in, setting on a pallet in our garage, and it won't hold temperature set -- rocks down to high 40's most of the time! So obviously something inside was badly damaged and we know we cannot use this refrigerator. Again thank you for your assistance in resolving this issue quickly. We are hosting some big events just as soon as contractor gets our grill/refrig cabinet built and tiled. ***Karen T***


Written on: 08/03/14

ShoppersChoice.comI just wanted to let you know what a pleasure it was doing business with you guys. From start to finish, there were no hiccups. That is a rarity in today's America. Good Job. Thanks, ***Jeff J***


Written on: 07/31/14

Now that's how you do business! I will defiantly shop with y'all again. Thanks, ***Chris***


Written on: 07/30/14

Thank you Great Company u work for, your service is above and beyond Have a Great Day ***JD***


Written on: 07/24/14

To Whom It May Concern: I would like to take this opportunity to tell you of a great customer experience concerning your company. I was looking for a small part for my TEC grill. Even though it was a very small item purchase, I was treated as though I was a major customer with a huge shopping list. I dealt with your representative, Paige. She was very customer service oriented and helpful. I have a hearing impairment and she spoke very clearly and direct in order for me to understand her. I wish everyone I dealt with could speak plainly rather than with a heavy accent and broken English as many do today in customer service. I write this email because I operate a business that employs a 24X7 Help Desk. We believe in Customer Service. We attempt to make sure we take care of the customer, no matter if they represent one site or hundreds. It's the right thing to do. It appears you have the same philosophy. ***Lee R.***


Written on: 07/15/14

Logan, Thanks again my man. You're great at your job and I look forward to doing some business with you on the next project. Take care! ***Jason D.***


Written on: 07/14/14

I just placed this order online and wanted to let you know that the lady who assisted me in putting this order together was an absolute delight to work with!! I only wish that I had gotten her name but based on the experience that I received over the phone you can rest assured that I will purchase from your company again. She was extremely personable, courteous, funny and helpful. If this is the first impression that your company gives its customers it is a GREAT FIRST IMPRESSION!! WELL DONE!! ***Dan S.***


Written on: 07/09/14

I just wanted to send a photo of the outdoor kitchen I recently built at my home in Bowie, Maryland. (I have a little more trim work to do on the support columns but the project is essentially finished.) I purchased all of the grills and cabinets from Shopperschoice and look forward to doing more business in the future as I was very pleased with your products and the large selection. I hope to use my grill as an advertisement for more business. Of particular importance to me was the fact that you (your chef) demonstrates many of the grills and appliances that you sell. The products arrived in excellent condition and on time and the customer ratings are very helpful. These are major selling points in my opinion. To that end I hope to purchase all of my grills and appliances from your company for any outdoor kitchen projects I build in the future. Sincerely ***Robert M.***


Written on: 07/02/14

Hi Brandon, Great Customer Service - thank you very much . Kindest regards ***Robert***


Written on: 07/01/14

It was a pleasure to talk with you, Delfinita. You are one of the best sales persons I have dealt with on the phone. Your company should have you as the instructor for professionalism in training new employees. I would believe you will be very successful in the business world. ***Richard C.***


Written on: 06/25/14

I just spoke with Paige at Shoppers Choice. She was extremely knowledgeable and helpful regarding my product purchase. Even more important than that though, she was so polite and friendly. If I had wanted to speak to a robot, I would have used my computer and bypassed the human race. However, I like the interaction with a business with which I am spending a large sum of money (approximately $1,000) . So, Kudos to Paige!!! She has that "extra stuff" that makes the difference with customers. I appreciate it, and so should your company! ***Teresa P***


Written on: 06/25/14

Delva, Thank you very much. You have provided unbelievable customer service. Thank you so much ***Bob***


Written on: 06/24/14

Hi Katie......happy to say I received my patio furniture the same day as my Discover Bill!!! Thanks again for your intervention . the furniture is great..........only two dings and at this point, I am sure my hubby can cover over them. I will surely refer Shoppers Choice to my friends and family. PS Conway shipping was fantastic!!! Remember them for you Northern friends. Thanks again ***Cathy***


Written on: 06/24/14

Brandi - thanks so much. Appreciate the great service. ***Jason C.***


Written on: 06/24/14

Dear Elizabeth, Thank you for your wonderful customer service. ***Susan***


Written on: 06/24/14

Thank you for the update. I have to say, I am very impressed with your company. The communication from time of purchase has been exceptional ! Thanks, ***Cathie***


Written on: 06/24/14

Sounds good. Will do. Shoppers Choice has the BEST customer service! Thanks, ***Jay H.***


Written on: 06/18/14

Having just completed a phone call to the ShoppersChoicecustomer service department, I felt compelled to send an e-mail to report my experience. I called regarding an order to BBQ Guys.com and an issue I was having using gift cards I had received. The customer service representative who handled my call was named Paige and in this day of expecting and receiving poor service, she was a breath of fresh air. Paige could not have been more pleasant and helpful. ***MG H***


Written on: 06/18/14

I ordered a high-end DCS grill and several other DCS items from ShoppersChoice/The BBQ Guys for a new built in BBQ we were building. Overall, the experience was very positive. Their website is the best on the internet... easy to navigate with lots of informative information and product-specific videos. The range of items to choose from is phenomenal and there are a number of filters available that make it easy to find exactly what you are looking for. ***J Rainlay***


Written on: 06/08/14

Hello Kim, and thanks for checking in. I came home Friday to an incredible stroke of luck. My neighbor owns a landscaping business, and soon as he saw me scratching my head over how to get that 425 pound pallet out of my driveway, he came over and offered me use of his fork lift. Took less than five minutes to get it up my driveway and onto my deck, thanks to him. Took me a while to get the grill unpacked and off the pallet, but now that I have, I'm totally blown away by the quality of the thing. I mean, I've owned lots of grills over the years, but this one is a work of art. $8000 is a lot of money for a grill, but I have to say that I'm totally pleased with it so far. Anyway, thanks for your help, and if you get the chance, please pass on my thanks to your co-workers. Couldn't imagine a better product for my needs. ***Vince***


Written on: 06/07/14

Kim, I made a purchase from Shopper's choice over 3 years ago and one of the items has had an unsolvable issue. However, the stellar customer service I have received first from Keegan and now Kim has truly been astonishing. Kim always has a positive and kind attitude and isn't satisfied until the customer is happy. They say in their "promise to customers" that one of their missions is Amazing Service. I can truly attest that they live by that and go much further than the extra mile. I have never dealt with a company who stands behind their product and has customer service representatives that actually contact the customer to make sure the problem is getting resolved rather than the customer always initiating the contact. Even though this has been quite a long process, the customer service could not be more impeccable. I will always be their customer. ***Todd***


Written on: 05/26/14

PAIGE, was very helpful to us in making our selection of the patio furniture we purchased. She was very courteous, professional and knowledgeable of the products. Working with Paige made us more comfortable with our decision. Thanks, ***Clyde W***


Written on: 05/22/14

Chris/Erin......... thank you for all the help on this last door that I forgot to order initially. You folks have been great. I show that all items have shipped with the exception of the drop in ice bin and a 24" right hand access door. I hope these items will ship this next week. Thank you again ***Jeff***


Written on: 05/22/14

Thanks for all the assistance.........greatly appreciated :) ***Lou***


Written on: 05/22/14

Thank you very much Rochelle . I have to say this was one of the most convienant claims I ever made ***Roy F.***


Written on: 05/19/14

I just want to say thank you to Paige my customer service person who helped me with my order . She really knew her stuff and had a passion for getting me on the right track with the correct equipment and accessories for my new grill. I was going to buy it from Frontgate but Paige made my decision really easy!!!!! ***Michael W.***


Written on: 05/16/14

Hi Elizabeth - Thank you for checking on this. Yes! I will take the red. My sno cone machine is red so they will match... ha ha ha... Thanks so much for going the extra mile for me. When can they ship it? Soon I hope it is incredibly hot here! Thanks again! ***Leisa F.***


Written on: 05/16/14

Hi Jeannelle, I gave a really good review to you and the company. A little nervous about some of the questions which are intended for folks that have already received their merchandise. ***John***


Written on: 05/16/14

Thanks Erin....... I did complete a review, hope it went through ok. If not let me know and I will do it again. You did an outstanding job......... thank you ***Jeff***


Written on: 05/16/14

Good morning Paul. I just wanted to write to thank you for the personal service you gave me and my family. I really appreciated the professionalism and it was great doing business with you and Shoppers Choice. I will be happy to recommend you and your company with confidence to my friends and family. Thanks again, ***Daniel L.***


Written on: 05/14/14

Hi Erin, I appreciate your help ln this! You have been so great! i will let you know as soon as I can get the funds together and pull the trigger. ***Sean***


Written on: 05/13/14

Jesica, The labels have been printed and are on the package. I think you should get a raise in pay for all you did to follow this action with grace and kindness to all. Amazing personal skills demonstrated for your company's image. No need to schedule, it is on the porch ***Marcia***


Written on: 05/13/14

I had to return 2 bar stool bases because they broke after a year of use. ShoppersChoice.com's Customer service was very prompt to my email request and followed up with the manufacturer to replace the broken bar stool bases. ShoppersChoice kept me updated throughout the process. Very good customer service. ***BRKitchen***


Written on: 05/13/14

I ordered the kamado joe jr. from bbqguys.com a shopperschoice.com store and the shipping was very fast. The heat deflector was broken, I talked to Katie from customer service by phone and she updated me by email (she was very nice and helpful). My replacement was shipped to me overnight. I will be doing business with them again. ***Jesse***


Written on: 05/13/14

I have to say this is the best experience I've had purchasing something online and dealing with ShoppersChoice.com. Their prices were better than both Overstock.com and Amazon as I shopped different online companies for 6 weeks before I made my purchase. Their customer service was exceptional and then because I purchased so many pieces of furniture, they even gave me one piece for free! How great is that. They also took the time to answer my questions and describe the furniture in enough detail over the phone for me to feel confident to spend the amount of money I did. Shipping was free and that also saved me a lot of money. I will recommend ShoppersChoice.com to all of my friends and family. You get an A+ from me! ***Janee***


Written on: 05/12/14

Delva Thanks for the response from ShoppersChoice. You and your company have been great to deal with. We will look forward to the updates and new bases soon. Thanks again ***Steve W.***


Written on: 05/12/14

Thank you for the update, I greatly appreciate the communication! ***Audra***


Written on: 05/11/14

YOU ROCK, Ms. Erin! ***Mike***


Written on: 05/10/14

I placed an order in March for a wine storage refrigerator as a gift for an out of state friend. ShoppersChoice responded quickly to every question I posed. Once a made the product decision, they kept me informed through every step of the shipping and delivery process. It was a great online experience. ***Steve B.***


Written on: 05/10/14

Erin, thank you for the follow up, it's nice to know that there are people still out there that are personable and have sales ambition! Keep up the nice work, in the long run it'll always pay off! Stay well! ***Chris***


Written on: 05/09/14

Katie, Thank you very much. That is certainly more than I expected. You obviously have excellent customer service! Cheers, ***John***


Written on: 05/08/14

Dear Heather, I very sorry it has taken me so long to get this note to you, but I wanted to thank you very much for sending me that BBQ cook tool set. That was an unexpected and much appreciated surprise, and it underscores why I like doing business with ShopperChoice. You folks know how to take good care of the contractors who get their supplies through you. And, for what it's worth, I realize that the trouble we had on those last couple of project shipments was completely beyond your company's control (it's not like you guys are the one to pack the components from the manufacturer), but the way you stood behind the products, and the speed with which you got us the needed replacements, was truly commendable. Again, thanks so much for that kit, and I hope you have a great day. Regards, ***Len R.***


Written on: 05/08/14

I just got the notice from Amazon that the refund has been processed, so we're all good. Thank you for the good communication flow - This was very important and I never felt uncomfortable due to the constant communication from you guys. Good job! Thank you, ***Marcelo***


Written on: 05/08/14

Hi Katie, Thank you so much for your help! ***Lucia C.***


Written on: 05/07/14

You guys rock!!!! I am telling everyone I know about your excellent service and great prices. Your service is exceptional. Expect to get a lot of business! Thank You, ***Jane E.***


Written on: 05/6/14

Had parts on our expensive grill and door pit very very bad after not even 1 year and wrote to them to ask if they could help with my problem. A representative named Katie was there from the very start, which meant helping me try to find the model number which I did not have. After locating them she was able to contact the companies responsible for the parts and ordered them for me. She emailed me consistently for the next few weeks as to the status of my order and when they were planning on shipping them. She finally had an answer that they were shipped and when I would expect them. The time, persistence and keeping me in touch all along the way made this experience 1 of the best I have every encountered. ***B.B.***


Written on: 05/05/14

Thank you Katie, I am very happy to hear that. I truly appreciate your assistance and patience with me as well. Thursday is fine and we have the other burners ready to ship. I was wondering if you have the date of the day you emailed me the label for the first burner. I still need to print it out and cannot locate it in my email. Again thank you and I will definitely be a repeat customer and refer business whenever I can.. Sincerely, ***Gigi H***


Written on: 04/29/14

Dynechia Thank you for the follow up email. ShopperChoice has been an exceptional company to work with. Your customer service and caring is top notch. ***Cameron***


Written on: 04/24/14

Hi Kim, The return package will be ready for FedEx to pick up this Friday as instructed. Also, we received the correct cover today and wanted to thank you for all of your help. We are very pleased with the way you took care of the problem and would highly recommend ShoppersChoice to everyone. Thank you again, ***Jay***


Written on: 04/24/14

I appreciate you, Dynechia. I am going to tell all my friends and family about your superb customer service. You guys rock! ***Wajeeh***


Written on: 04/24/14

Brandi, Thank you for your hard work, the note says to call you once I schedule delivery did you mean once my replacement get here. ***Morrie***


Written on: 04/23/14

Hi! Thanks for the call! I would like two sets. Most of the comments recommended getting two to make it look more realistic. Thanks again! Great customer service! ***Don***


Written on: 04/21/14

Theresa, I received my Lion Grill on Thursday of last week. I installed is on Friday and have grilled on it all weekend long. I cannot thank you enough for such an easy transaction and the kindness and willingness of Shoppers Choice to work with me when the other grill I ordered was back ordered. Thank you sooooo much for recommending the Lion Grill....I couldn't been happier. You guys are the Best!!!!! I will buy all my outdoor grilling and outdoor kitchen items from Shopper Choice from now on. ***Mike S***


Written on: 04/21/14

Your sales specialist(s) have been extraordinaire. Everyone that has answered the phone has been very patient and helpful with getting my order placed correctly. Theresa has helped me with my order and remembered me even after 2 week of being delayed to place this order. Please find a better way and cost to ship to USA, Hawaii. ***B.B.***


Written on: 04/17/14

Dear Rochelle, I must say thank goodness you for your cooperation and attention to customer service. I appreciate your diligence in helping me to resolve this matter. I am however still confused as to what is wrong with this lemon of an ice maker, are they saying that this is the 2nd time the drain pump failed, if so that is a problem in itself. Thanking you once again for your assistance. Regards, ***Mary S***


Written on: 04/17/14

Hi Katie: You guys rock !! Thanks for the update.Table top is fine with me, If I understood your voice mail correctly, I do not need to return the one I have, is that correct ??It doesn't make sense to send it back if it can't be repaired, why incur the expense.Thank You ***Bob ***


Written on: 04/17/14

Thanks Delva, Wow, you must know my wife and that she never tells me about voice messages. Thanks for the email:) Your customer service is AWESOME ***Larry & Theresa***


Written on: 04/17/14

Thanks for your e-mail, Dynechia. I heard from Kim this morning who is one of your resolution specialists. I very much appreciate the prompt response. ***Thomas L.***


Written on: 04/17/14

Katie, Thank you a thousand times over for all your help - we just have 1 question - do they have any idea why this happened and will it happen again, AFTER the warranty is over? I have never in my lifetime seen stainless steel look like this and we're just very concerned. ***Rosemarie***


Written on: 04/16/14

I am sure you are probably gone for the day. I did want to thank you for all of your help. I talked to R&L today and delivery is set-up. I hope that your company knows what a great asset they have with you. ***Donna O.***


Written on: 04/16/14

Kim Thank you so much! You guys are the best. You've got my business for life. ***George M.***


Written on: 04/16/14

Hi Elizabeth, Ironically, about an hour after I sent the below to you, I got a shipment notice that my Kamado Joe is now in transit. I had just spoken to someone from the folks I bought it from only a few hours earlier who told me "maybe next week." I did not really believe them since I had heard that message before from them. Anyways, looks like I have my KJ on its way. Thanks again, I was very please with my purchases from shopperschoice.com and will recommend you guys to others and, if I need something, would be happy to purchase from you again. cheers, ***Jonathan***


Written on: 04/11/14

Thank you so much. Great update and news. I really appreciate it. ***Neal***


Written on: 04/11/14



Written on: 04/10/14

Thanks for update Elizabeth. Sounds great and no hurry. Thanks again for your wonderful customer service and we certainly appreciate you. ***Steve***


Written on: 04/10/14

Thanks so much I will be doing more shopping with you guys and tell all my friends too. Have nice day. ***Daniel E.***


Written on: 04/10/14

Just want to say "great customer service!!!". I called in the missing grill cover yesterday, and the next day a replacement was on my doorstep! One of the best online experiences in a long time! Nice job. ***Ryan***


Written on: 04/09/14

Thanks Jesica! It's always such a pleasure doing business with your company...never any hassles! ***Patricia***


Written on: 04/08/14

Hi Delva. Sorry for the delayed response. Thank you for the credit to my account. The gesture speaks volumes about your customer support. As we discussed and as requested. Attached are two photos of the knobs. One you can see the clearance is zero and the knob scrapes. The is the left burner knob. The other photo is the right burner knob which shows correct clearance. Please advise on how you would like to proceed. I would like the knobs to both operate the same. Thanks ***Jeff***


Written on: 04/08/14

Thank You Katie! The delivery company was very gracious and courteous to make sure the merchandise was delivered on time, and they did... It was a great retirement gathering, everyone had a great time, and the gift was perfect thanks to You... ***Mike B.***


Written on: 04/07/14

Thank you Theresa for your excellent customer support and very quick responses. I look forward to this being resolved and more importantly doing more business with Shoppers Choice on future upcoming projects. You have made this inconvenience much more bearable because of your highly professional customer service. Thank you again and I look forward to hearing from you. ***Mike S.***


Written on: 04/07/14

Rochelle, You're the best! Thank you for handling this in such a speedy manor! You are greatly appreciated! Sincerely, ***Jenna S.***


Written on: 03/20/14

I am not an employee nor am I affiliated in any way except as a customer. I am barbecue crazy, and want to give some credit to you. I needed appliances for an entire outdoor kitchen, and decided to take a gamble on BBQ Guys. I am very glad I did. You have the best prices, and an amazing selection of items in all price ranges. You have free shipping, and I saved on taxes. You empower your sales people to work with me on initial pricing without any fuss. When problems happen, on two items in my case, you empower your customer service people to make it right, even when it's not necessarily your fault. You communicated with me each step of my order via email notifications, and sent me status reports on the delayed items. I had one Customer Service person (Jeremy), assigned to me, who always was my main point of contact. I was able to reach Jeremy easily via email or toll-free number. He was agreeable, professional, and did his best to make everything go smoothly. You have the recipe to be the biggest and the best in the outdoor cooking business, and I will certainly recommend you to my friends. I myself will be a repeat customer. Good work, BBQ Guys! ***Cheryl K.***


Written on: 03/20/14

Brandi, Thank-you for the excellent service. I really appreciate it. ***HT***


Written on: 03/19/14

Dynechia, YOU ROCK! Thanks! ***Roger***


Written on: 03/14/14

I just wanted to say that shopping with your company has been THE BEST online shopping experience I’ve ever had. The web site was easy to navigate, the descriptions of the items were very informative and the ordering process was very fast and easy. I have to say that I am beyond impressed with the shipping. I ordered my item (a hibachi grill) around 2:30 pm and I received an email at 2:45 pm notifying me that my package had been shipped!! To my joy and amazement I actually received my package at 2:15 the very next day!! Normally it takes about 24 hours to process the order before even shipping, but I received my package in less than 24 hours from the time I clicked the “order” button. I am referring you to everyone I know! Keep up the great work! ***Kevin C.***


Written on: 03/13/14

You guys have your stuff together! I am amazed at how fast you get things shipped from different sources, and with freight carriers. I ordered a bunch of stuff on Monday. I received some of it on Tuesday, and the rest is coming tomorrow by freight - from California!! Amazon better watch their six! ***Reg G.***


Written on: 03/12/14

Thank you Brandi for helping us with this issue. We really appreciate your time and effort. We will contact Primo directly! You have a great day! ***Wendy F.***


Written on: 03/10/14

Jeannelle, I really enjoyed shopping with you - you were such a great help, and even though I called you on a Monday morning, you were very patient. I certainly received great service and Shopper's Choice will be my first stop next time I need something. ***Lee G.***


Written on: 03/07/14

Had a great sales experience--THANK YOU for having knowledgeable people on staff-the courtesy shown was a welcome happening!!! ***JJR***


Written on: 03/07/14

Thank you so much for reaching out to me, this is a welcome surprise and an example of 'great' customer service. It is unfortunately raining cats and dogs right now here and I plan to take photo's of the grill tomorrow when it is sunny and back up to 65 degree. I think you will see that the grill has never been used and has been sitting beside my pool for the past 8 months waiting for the outdoor kitchen to be built. I don't know if the cold this winter caused the cracking and ultimate deteriation of the bottom of the grill but when we went to pick it up to move into the new kitchen the entire bottom stayed on the ground. Thanks again and I will get you those photo's tomorrow. ***Barry***


Written on: 03/07/14

Thank you very much Jeremy. I appreciate your excellent customer service. ***Alison B.***


Written on: 03/05/14

Thanks to you and everyone for their professional timely help in this matter! ***Brian***


Written on: 03/05/14

We have been very happy with our purchases and the service and support we have received during our backyard remodel project. I will recommend you to my friends. ***Joanna J.***


Written on: 02/26/14

I did see the refund and thank you. I appreciate the customer service I have received throughout this process and I am very happy. We are just getting started in our remodel and will be using shoppers choice in the future. Thank you for the follow up as well. ***Scott C.***


Written on: 02/26/14

I have been in the hell of a ten month whole home remodel and I can honestly say that working with Logan has been the highlight. No chains yanked here. I have spent tens of thousands of dollars on stuff for the new digs and no one has been as nice or as accommodating or cordial or helpful as Logan. Clone him. I was super happy with the salesperson I spoke with in the beginning and was going to shop at shopperschoice again AND tell friends, but now I am going to make a point of letting the people (and I know at least four people!!) know about what a terrific experience this has been. Stuff gets broken and dinged and it is a letdown. But right this minute I don't even feel bad about having to wait for a new barby. Seriously. Logan was that nice. Put a gold star on his forehead and give him the rest of the afternoon off." ***Stacee***


Written on: 02/25/14

I recently purchased a barbeque grill from ShoppersChoice. I was unhappy with it because the grill cart was not all stainless steel as I had expected. When I called your customer service group I found them to be very responsive. The resolution specialist, Katie, got back to me the next day and resolved my issues saving me the trouble and expense of shipping it back. Your customer service people and Katie did a great job and I will continue to use ShoppersChoice. ***Peter R***


Written on: 02/24/14

Dear Kim, I want to take this time to say "thank you". Outstanding job in helping me with my order. I could not have done this without your time, effort and support. I will recommend your company and service to my friends and I know that we will be doing business in the future....my gutt tells me that I will be buying the gas-logs from you folks soon..... Stay well and thank you once again. Respectfully as always, ***Bob***


Written on: 02/21/14

I just wanted to let you know how impressed I am with the level of service I've received from Erin Hopson. Erin has been extremely helpful thus far. She has been very prompt, courteous and professional. I've had several questions regarding Napoleon grills, and she has politely answered all of them. While I haven't made my purchase yet, I definitely will be doing so from BBQ guys, and Erin has a lot to do with that decision. First impressions are very important, and because of her high level of service, I feel very confident about making my purchase here. Please pass along my positive feedback. I understand how it is to be in the service industry. People tend to complain a lot more than they show appreciation for good service. Erin has been a pleasure to communicate with, both, by phone and through e-mail. ***Mike M***


Written on: 02/21/14

Delva Thank you so much for taking care of this situation. I appreciate you getting this taken care of as it's no fun trying to explain to a collection agent who only wants to collect funds. Concerning the table set, we are enjoying it very much and it adds a great comfortable look poolside. Thank you, ***Gini S***


Written on: 02/21/14

Thanks Brandi! You did a great job in always responding so quickly! ***Brandi***


Written on: 02/18/14

Feel free to fwd to your boss... I'll do business with you because you differentiate yourself with the website, videos, review, and in large part because of the quality of this chat. If the post-sale is as good as the pre I'll be happy and be a advocate (word of mouth). ***Matt***


Written on: 02/18/14

Amazing company to deal with. Katie was incredible and she knows the value of good customer service. Any company would be lucky to have her as an associate. I will be ordering from you guys again that's for sure. Thank you ***Brian***


Written on: 02/03/14

Dear Dynechia, Thank you so much for your help with this order. Great customer serving skills and attentiveness to customer's needs! It was a real pleasure to talk to you over e-mail. I will be back, because you (and the lady from the Embroidery Dept. who was very efficient and prompt) are really awesome! ***Andrea***


Written on: 01/30/14

Erin, Thank you so much for your awesome assistance with research and follow-up. My husband and I are thinking about it. It is more expensive then we anticipated. If we do decide to purchase we will definitely buy from you. You were terrific! ***Ann***


Written on: 01/22/14

Delva you have been amazing, and ill email you day of knife going back to you. Thank you so much ***Joshua***


Written on: 01/21/14

Thanks, You guys got class. ***Larry***


Written on: 01/15/14

BBQ Guys, It was a pleasure to work with Erin on my order. As a residential customer I did not know anything about the doors, drawers, sinks, and BBQ parts I needed for our BBQ island. Erin walked me through the process. She suggested the parts and sizes I needed. I believe she is very knowledgeable of the products and how it all fits together. The drawing she provided gave me a great visual of what the island would look like once completed. I was going to shop the prices around but because of the very positive experience I had working with her I just ordered everything right then. ***Bob***


Written on: 01/09/14

Dear Delva, Thank you so much for taking care of this so quickly. I really appreciate this as the dutch oven was a Christmas gift. And thank you very much for allowing us to keep the defective unit. I will offer it to the person the gift was for. I am sure they will be able to put the pot to use for something. Thanks again for taking care of this issue. I am impressed by the integrity of the staff for it's product. ***Deb D.***


Written on: 12/24/2013

I have to say that I am pleased and impressed that you were able to get the item to me for our anniversary, going that extra step has made my day as the saying goes "happy wife", happy life. thanks again, it is much appreciated. ***JRK***


Written on: 12/23/2013

Thank you for your help, Keegan. I appreciate your doing everything possible to get this to me as quickly as it can. ***Amy***


Written on: 12/23/2013

Keegan, Thank your company again for the fast response. below is a review that I posted on ResellerRatings.com. Please pass this on to your supervisors. I ordered a set of gas logs on Thursday 12/19/2013. Even with the bad weather and the holiday, they arrived this morning, Monday 12/23/2013 with not extra shipping cost. Upon examining the logs, I found one that was cracked. A phone call to customer service was answered on the second ring. Jeremy took my information and immediately sent me an email with a request for a picture attached to a reply to this e-mail. I replied with a picture attached. A few hours later, I received an e-mail from Keegan, stating that he was filing a claim to get me a replacement and that in the mean time I could use my logs without any risk of harm. THIS IS THE MOST OUTSTANDING CUSTOMER SERVICE THAT I HAVE WITNESSED IN RECENT YEARS. I HIGHLY RECOMENED Shoppers Choice for any web purchases. ***J.D.***


Written on: 12/19/2013

You are really great. Have not experienced this type of customer service in a long time. Merry Christmas. ***Terri R.***


Written on: 12/14/2013

Thank-you for such wonderful customer service. I’m sorry it didn’t work out. ***Michelle***


Written on: 12/05/2013

Wow, thank you very much, that is great customer service! I will go online and place the order for the Lava Rocks. ***Kevin C.***


Written on: 11/22/2013

Thank You Delva. You have been a tremendous help in resolving this matter. You are a valuable asset to your employer and you are making me a happy customer. Please feel free to give this information to your supervisor. I will be posting comments about all your help. Thanks again. ***Michael Z.***


Written on: 11/20/2013

I really appreciate your trying. Your effort for me did not go unnoticed. I will keep you in mind in the future. Have a great Thanksgiving. ***Bill***


Written on: 11/19/2013

Dear Elizabeth Thank you so much for your excellent service regarding my mix-up of addresses. Have a wonderful day. ***Joy L.***


Written on: 11/18/2013

Dynechia, Thank you so much for getting this done. Your efforts in this, as well as your knowledgable explanation of the gas control mechanisms, are very much appreciated. And as I stated in our telephone conversation you are my new best friend. Thank you, ***Doug H.***


Written on: 11/18/2013

Dynechia, Thank you so much for getting this done. Your efforts in this, as well as your knowledgable explanation of the gas control mechanisms, are very much appreciated. And as I stated in our telephone conversation you are my new best friend. Thank you, ***Doug H.***


Written on: 11/15/2013

Please forward this email to management. I was on the website this morning and chose to have a live chat with one of your agents. Rochelle was wonderful and helped me make the best choice to fit my needs. She handled everything for me and I really appreciate it. In this world it seems that we only hear about the bad things, and the complaints, so I just wanted to take the time to send something good and let you know that you have an excellent employee and she should be commended. Have a great day! ***Tim P.***


Written on: 11/13/2013

Thank you Jeannelle!!! What great customer service!!! I really appreciate the extra service you are providing me! Thank you for your willingness to "keep me in the loop" about the availability of the bayou "pot"! ***Joy***


Written on: 11/06/2013

Thank you, Delva! You are the best. Tell your boss your deserve a raise!! I really appreciate your help. ***Joyce K.***


Written on: 11/05/2013

Jesica, Thanks for your professionalism compassion in resolving this matter. Shopperschoice needs more Jesicas. Rgds, ***David***


Written on: 10/25/2013

I want to thank Erin and you for trying to find a replacement for our now ancient and deteriorated build in indoor natural gas grill. I was hopeful but sadly there doesn't seem to be a replacement that would fit into our fixed size space. Such is life. ***Leighton***


Written on: 10/25/2013

Hi Jeremy.... Thank you for the frequent updates!! I appreciate your willingness to do this for us. We REALLY want one of the "Pots"... and are willing to wait if it means we will get one. Thanks again for your efforts!!! ***Joy***


Written on: 10/24/2013

Your efforts have far exceeded any expectation. I'm glad your in my corner. Many thanks. ***Al***


Written on: 10/24/2013

I never give up on you Keegan, I can depend on you more than I can my own family Thanks so much for all you do. ***Todd***


Written on: 10/23/2013

I don't care what anybody says, YOU ROCK! Thanks for checking and expediting. If you are ever in South Florida, feel free to stop by for a COLD beer. Regards, ***Douglas***


Written on: 10/18/2013

you have the best customer service of anyone I've worked with since re-doing this house ***Joseph***


Written on: 10/17/2013

Hello Erin, But of course that is not too much to ask. Count on it. You have been an excellent customer service rep to deal with. (reason why I called you back). I will be calling you for some other stuff I will be needing soon. My best regards, ***Carlos***


Written on: 10/16/2013

Installed all products as shipped .....would like to thank the gals at customer service for updating and correcting our original order which saved us money...customer's are thrilled with the entire setup...our time was consumed mostly with the horrendous gas line set up the builder installed in our customer's condo... the job would have been so simple otherwise with the great products you have...straight forward and great results...thanks again for all your help, fast service and great prices we can pass on to our customers! ***Gualtieri Custom Contracting and Plumbing***


Written on: 10/16/2013

Thanks Rochelle! You've really been so helpful! I'm going to go ahead and return the screen. If you can have them send me the label that would be greatly appreciated. Then I just drop off the screen at a UPS location or organize a pick up, right? Thanks again! ***Kelly***